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Relax and Renew

Allow me to help you let go of responsibilities for up to two hours while you give your body and mind a chance to unwind- the scent of the forest, sea, or meadows bringing a sense of rest and healing back into your tissues -- down to the bone.

Below are a few different 'vibes' you may wish to choose from to set the tone for your massage. If you have specific preferences and don't see something you like, below, I am happy to put together a personally customized blend of DoTerra essential oils!


  • Spearmint

  • Citrus blend

  • Aromatouch

    • (DoTerra's "massage blend")

Quiet Forest


  • Balance (grounding blend)​

  • DIY woodland blend
  • On Guard (Cinnamon spice blend)
    • immune-supporting
beautiful colorful meadow of wild flower


  • DIY floral blend (includes Ylang Ylang and Lavender)

  • Citrus single oil or blend

  • Rosemary

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