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The Average Session

Listed below are 3 common modalities (techniques) for massage. The average session will consist of a mixture of all three techniques, depending on what you are looking to achieve.


The basis of every massage is relaxation. If the body is relaxed and does not feel under threat, our digestive function improves, stress decreases, and more knots are released. As we come across those knots, we may spend additional time working them out. Fascial techniques may also be used if some parts seem particularly stuck. An example would be leg pulls for tight hips and glutes, or cupping in a variety of areas.

01/ Swedish Relaxation

Do you have children, or work 60 hour weeks? Is there a dream you're chasing but find yourself too exhausted to pursue at the end of the day? Maybe it's time to take just one hour for yourself and allow me to help you get a good night's rest for a fresh start, tomorrow.

02/ Myofascial Release

Is your movement or range of motion restricted? Has your body been in a recent trauma? Fascia is the connective tissue which holds everything together. Often, this tissue becomes dehydrated and clumps together, especially when we experience a physical trauma in order to protect the body from further damage. 

03/ Deep Tissue

Is your nervous system always in a state of unrest? Are you heavily active, or into weight lifting? Trigger point therapy, a subset of deep tissue massage, can help to unwind the nervous system. It will also break down adhesions (knots) in muscle tissue before a workout to make more evenly distributed gains.

Massage Therapy

Learn more about the field of massage therapy directly through the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) website, shown below.

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