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I'm 100% mobile, which means I come to you!

60 minute Massage
90 minute Massage
Group Massage  - Per request 
2-5 people, Prices Vary
Subscription Options
We'll find a program just for you.
You will earn 1 free massage every 12 sessions!
60 minute
2x per month -- $160
4x per month -- $320
90 minute
2x per month -- $190
4x per month -- $380

There will be a $35 charge to save your spot for an individual session. This amount will be deducted at the time of the session.

Schedule availability updates on Wednesdays.

Do you have any additional questions or comments for me? Please communicate those, below! 
Hope to see you, soon!

Our attitudes, affected by both physical and mental states, affect those around us. Let us help them by helping ourselves.

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