Frequently asked questions

Will I be required to undress?

You are welcome to undress to your comfort level. For some, this means undressing entirely, while others are more comfortable to keep on tank tops, leggings or shorts. All genitalia will be covered with a dark colored sheet, regardless of how much clothing you are comfortable removing. For massage services like cupping and/or myofascial release, skin contact may be necessary to provide effective therapy for designated areas such as the back, thighs, etc.

Do I need to have anything prepared?

Provided (unless otherwise informed): -Table -Face Cradle -bolster (opt. -- be sure to mention if this is something you would like) -sheets -coconut and essential oils -music Optional items you may want do to enhance your at-home massage experience: -candles -mood lighting -additional blanket -alternative oils or lotions

Do you have a location I can come to?

Unfortunately I only advertise myself as a mobile practice at this time. I can come to any home or business location within 20-30 minutes of Saint Paul, MN.

Should I shower before and/or after the massage?

There are a few reasons why I specifically prefer using coconut oil. 1.) It's anti-microbial, and I will wash my hands before and after our session so don't worry if you haven't showered all day. I'm more concerned about your comfort if you're covered in dirt as we'll be massaging that into the skin. However, if you're trying to achieve an effect similar to a mud mask, that is entirely your decision. 2.) Coconut oil, unlike other massage oils, does not leave a residue and often is absorbed into the skin, nourishing and replenishing healthy fats on the surface level. Unless you'd rather not smell like coconut, there is no need to shower immediately afterwords.

Do you work glutes?

Absolutely! Our pelvis is constantly in use. From sitting to standing and everything in between, our pelvis is our base as humans and often gets "stuck." When working hips and glutes, I will always do so with a drape, so you can feel comfortable knowing you will always be covered.

What if the time I want isn't available?

If you are not led to fill out an intake form and place a deposit after selecting an appointment time, someone else may have already taken it. If a 60 minute appointment is available but would like a 90, let me know and I will do what I can to accomodate you. However, outside of the scheduled available appointment times I cannot make any guarantees.

What precautions do you have for COVID-19?

I understand there is a respectable concern for preventing the spread of disease and illness, especially COVID-19. Precautions to keep you safe from such pathogens include: 1.) Sanititation of all equipment touched by you or myself during our session. 2.) "scrub-in" and "scrub-out" -- While you get on the table, I will excuse myself to the restroom and thourougly wash hands, forearms and elbows. I will wash again when we conclude the session. 3.) You will be provided clean sheets. 4.) Used sheets are kept separate from clean ones when stowed in vehicle and washed with vinegar and "Molly's suds," a natural detergent. 5.) I will be masked for the entirety of our session. I appreciate your offer of water, but kindly, no thank you, that I may keep my mask on. You will need it after our session, anyway! 6.) I ask you wear a mask while lying supine (face-up) on the table, but while lying face-pronate (face-down) this will not be required. 7.) I may wear gloves for clients or myself when there are abraisons on the skin, for clients requiring specific medications (i.e. chemotherapy) or per request. 8.) All clients will be treated with COVID as a legitimate risk. If you are experiencing any kind of cough or new illness, please do not make an appointment until it has been cleared out of your system. If you feel these precautions are not adequate, please feel free to ask for additional practices. My goal is to help you relax in an environment you feel safe in.

How late can I book an appointment within the available times?

Open appointment times will remain available until 24 hours before the scheduled time. Booking within 24 hours notice is not possible unless you would like to be placed on a call-list where I will let you know if there has been a cancellation. If so, please send me a message so I may add your name! I book first-come, first-served.


A cancellation is possible until 24 hours prior to the appointment time and can be done through the scheduling platform, Acuity, on philautiacompassion.com. For a call-ahead cancellation within 2-24 hours before the planned session, your reservation fee will not be refunded, but no more will be owed. If a cancellation occurs within 2 hours of the scheduled time, or a session is missed altogether, you will be responsible for the full price of the session.

What if I get a "hard-on?"

Bodily functions are common during a massage as we reset the body into the parasympathetic ("rest and digest") nervous state. Being in the parasympathetic nervous state is also essential for sexual function. Although a natural process we should be comfortable with, erections during your session time are NOT encouraged. You will be expected to manage yourself to the best of your ability. If unable to control yourself, I reserve the ability to restrict the massage to work only above the waist and below the knees. As a last resort, I may end the session early. Again, I understand bodily functions can occur and do not want shame or embarrassment to come from it. However, I greatly encourage self-control for an effective therapeutic and healing relationship.

Our attitudes, affected by both physical and mental states, affect those around us. Let us help them by helping ourselves.

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