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About the Founder

About Brianna Halverson

"I have no intention of living for a long time, but, I have every intention of living to my fullest potential until my time is up."

Well hello, again! I have high hopes you are here because you are searching for something greater than yourself. I would like to share with you how my personal journey began.

I grew up a, "community kid," born out of wedlock to a father that was not entirely prepared as party-going, 24-year-old. However, I was lucky to be born into a huge network and support system. My great grandma was 1 of 12 children, and from there, my family just kept multiplying. It is also within this family I have witnessed many struggles and a lot of pain. My family has confronted a variety of hurdles from arthritis to autoimmune conditions, home foreclosures to car repossessions, and many other health and personal trials in between. Through it all, my family generated a community of love and support, a type of community I hope to replicate outside of my bloodline.

During my childhood I watched as my father went from working multiple back-breaking jobs to a successful career. One that allowed him to provide a comfortable life for his family by the time I graduated high school. A blessing to be sure, but one not without repercussions. I've had to stand by and watch my forty-something father deteriorate from the inside out. "What's the point?" he said one day after I offered him a massage, "Why relieve the pain just to feel it again with more intensity? It's easier just to live with it."


But Dad, you don't have to "just live with it." This has now become my personal mission to prove.

I guess that's his choice, though. Who can blame him? I might be just as tired if I had encountered the same challenges. 

However, this has not prevented me from taking in and applying what he said to not make the same mistakes, also thanks to the influence of the family around me. One of the monumental changes I continuously notice while pursuing health is the ability to love myself. We hear it all the time. It comes in the form of, "treat yourself," "take a break," "Why change? Your 'curves' are beautiful." Kindly, I would like to inform you, these ideas could use some slight reformation, although we're on the right track!

YES, you are beautiful! Make no mistake of that. But are you healthy?  Without health, we lack energy. Without energy, there is no life.

I love my father dearly, with Storge, Agape, and Philia [see: What's "Philautia?"]. However, it wasn't until recently I saw him begin to make active change to be in better health. I have been listening to, and watching him, while his body continues to deteriorate. At times in dark humor, he jokes that the death of his body will be the death of his pain, and I fear that day may be sooner than later. He may be preparing me for the reality of death, but pain is NOT the reality of life.

That is what I am here to do. I don't want you to be in pain anymore. Physically, mentally, or spiritually. I want to see you truly know life, and live it to its fullest potential. Will you let me help you? It's your choice, and my privilege to guide you.

dad and me.jpg

My father and I,

July 24, 2020

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